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Jason Weamer
Creative Director
Visual YouConnect™ - Email Marketing Application  
The Challenge
Our client, BuyRite Outlet, needed to reach their customers via email any day, any time with ease the ease and speed of an enterprise level email marketing application.

The Solution
Visual Identity Group showed BuyRite Outlet owners our custom Visual YouConnect™ email Marketing Application and they were sold! With Visual YouConnect™, BuyRite can create and manage email lists of customers, create email templates that include images, sort lists for custom email campaigns and send them out with the click of a button. Visual YouConnect™ features an easy-to-use interface with a dashboard that allows Buyrite to view a particular campaign and monitor results by analyzing email recipient’s clicks, to open emails and even see what area of the email enticed users to click to view.

Visual YouConnect™ is a feature-rich enterprise software for professional e-mail newsletters and e-mail marketing.
  • Sophisticated bounce management
  • Link tracking
  • Statistics
  • Script feature to set up transaction emails

The Visual YouConnect™ user interface can be accessed by any web browser and is compete with a set of pre-configured action forms and templates. 

Visual YouConnect™ Permission Management

  • Create mailing lists for groups of recipients
  • Subscription to your mailing lists via confirmed opt-in, double opt-in or via e-mail
  • Unsubscription with one click, optional with confirmation query and unsubscribe confirmation by e-mail
  • Templates for opt-in forms and opt-out forms for the website

Visual YouConnect™ Marketing with Target Groups

  • Definition of target groups based on any attribute of the recipient profile or a combination of attributes
  • Definition of profile actions (automated actions that modify database fields)
  • Definition of mail actions (automated actions that send out e-mails)
  • Automatic send out of event- and date-based mailings and single e-mails
  • Creation of e-mail marketing campaigns
Visual YouConnect™ E-mail Creation
  • Separation of layout and content (like a content management system)
  • Templates (to provide a standardized layout according to your corporate design)
  • Integrated HTML editor
  • Individualization of content, based on target groups using alternative and optional texts and pictures
  • Integration of attachments
  • Optional upload of pictures to the included web content server
  • Supported formats are text, HTML and inline HTML (offline HTML)
  • Preview to check layout of e-mails
  • Test mailing to special recipients
  • Sending of mailings optionally time-delayed
  • Fullview (display of personalized e-mail on website to bypass image blocking)
  • Management of permanently and temporarily undeliverable e-mail-addresses and filtering of auto responder mails and error messages (bounce management)
Visual YouConnect™ Reports and Statistics
  • Detailed real-time statistics with graphical output
  • Analysis of opening rate, click rate, unsubscriptions, bounces
  • Analysis of link clicks depending on mailings target groups, day and hour
  • Analysis of recipients depending on recipient status, mail type, domains and IP address
  • Analysis of most important key data over a time period: number of mailings, profiles, (un-)subscriptions, bounces, clicks
  • Comparison of multiple mailings based on key data - Export of statistics


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Visual Identity Group is an interactive design agency specializing in digital media for website design and development