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Jason Weamer
Creative Director
Gluten Free Daily
Client Background

95% of Americans may unknowingly be suffering from nutrient deficiencies, diseases, or weight problems caused by gluten. Gluten Free Daily is a website geared toward helping these people live an active, healthy and gluten free lifestyle.

Our Challenge

To create an online presence and brand for a membership based model to attract and retain members by providing them with updated and relevant content.

To create a mobile platform for it's members on the go that need help grocery shopping, weight training and more.

Gluten Free Daily needed to offer it's services via an iPhone application as a value-add service to it's current members and to attract future memberships.


- Flash
- Visual YouManage™ Content    Management System (CMS)
- iPhone Application


The website needed to:

  • Entice prospective visitors to sign up for free 7 day trial and profile assessment
  • Easy to navigate and compatible on all platforms
  • Compatible using Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, FireFox and all major browsers
  • Provide visitors with information about what Gluten is featured as Gluten 101
  • Promote social media campaigns
  • Showcase Diets, Fitness Clips, Daily Journals, Progress Graphs, Recipes, Grocery List, Resource Center, Helpful Tips and 5 Day Fat Flush
  • Administer the website with an easy to use Content Management system (CMS)
  • Build the site with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy
The Solution

Visual Identity Group created a website experience which utilizes creative which was worked and modified for it's objectives while focusing on the end user experience, and mobile platforms.

We created an application based off the successful membership service that allows users to interact, post and log all their personal information daily via this handy mobile app. All the same great services users get with their membership can all be accessed via this iPhone application that is free to download and use. Features include membership statistics and charting that allows users to keep track of progress graphs, nutritional information, diet, grocery lists and more.

The site is designed utilizing html/css/jQuery and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack technology with a heavy emphasis in HTML for SEO optimization, mobile phone/tablet viewing and non-flash Internet users. The site takes advantage of the Visual YouManage™ Content Management System (CMS), which allows the client to easily update content, add blog and news articles.

The Result

The result was immediate sales, brand awareness and sustained customer retention. Sales have steadily increased and the site is growing in popularity within the industry being recently voted one of the top 5 nutrition sites for gluten free lifestyles.

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