Gluten Free Daily

How We Improved A Membership Platform With A Little More

Gluten Free Daily is one of the premier diet membership websites available today which caters towards people with celiac disease, autoimmune disorders, gluten sensitivity or people who just plain like the diet and how it makes them feel.  Due to the rise in popularity for this diet, they needed to engineer a new platform to scale with growth as well as a complete brand refresh.

fig.1 // website screenshots
fig.2 // responsive design


There were several aspects of this project which required a phased approach using an agile methodology for the strategy, the rebranding, the development, and a heavy dose of marketing and some public relations love.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

User Experience Design (UX)

Content Management System (CMS)

Custom API Development

Photography & Videography

CSS 3D Animation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Google PageSpeed Optimization

We kicked off the second phase with a moodboard, design schemes, and establishment of brand voice and tone. Visually, our approach was to find the right balance between clear type, vital imagery, and a grid structure allowing for a lot of content across a variety of devices.

fig.4 // mood board & new color palette

Showcasing the delicious and easy to make recipes was key. We eat with our eyes, and the design needed to be supported with the beautiful photography of recipes and food. Responsive design was especially important given that over 83% of the site's traffic is conducted on mobile devices.

The design had to look good, but it also had to be easy to use and function correctly. User intuitiveness is important to membership platform so members are able to get a sense they are aware of where they are and where they need to go in order to traverse their account. Multiple iterations were reviewed and tested by user test groups to narrow down the UI/UX ensuring that member activities such as entering data into their food journal was a piece of cake.


"Absolutely one of my favorite projects... it combined so many aspects from creative, to development, to multiple endpoints / APIs, to marketing strategy and communications."
Dylan Lawrence, Project + Dev Manager

fig.5 // responsive design

This was a big project that we were extremely proud to be a part of, especially since some of our team has gluten sensitivity so we understood the dieting challenges first hand. It's exciting to be a part of a community that does such wonderful work that helps people live a health life and eat a clean diet. The platform was built to scale and it did. Membership churn is down and Lifetime Customer Value has been up, so basically - the client loves us. (Smiling)


Max Brenner

Gluten Free Daily Mobile App