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Designing beautiful websites is just a small part of making it a success. Without a successful marketing plan and online strategy, the project may never even be seen.
Wendy Armendariz
Business Development
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Visual YouConnect™ Email Marketing Tool

Visual YouConnect™ is a feature-rich enterprise software for professional e-mail newsletters and e-mail marketing.

  • Sophisticated bounce management
  • Link tracking
  • Statistics
  • Script feature to set up transaction emails

The Visual YouConnect™ user interface can be accessed by any web browser and is compete with a set of pre-configured action forms and templates. 

Visual YouConnect™ Permission Management

  • Create mailing lists for groups of recipients
  • Subscription to your mailing lists via confirmed opt-in, double opt-in or via e-mail
  • Unsubscription with one click, optional with confirmation query and unsubscribe confirmation by e-mail
  • Templates for opt-in forms and opt-out forms for the website

Visual YouConnect™ Marketing with Target Groups

  • Definition of target groups based on any attribute of the recipient profile or a combination of attributes
  • Definition of profile actions (automated actions that modify database fields)
  • Definition of mail actions (automated actions that send out e-mails)
  • Automatic send out of event- and date-based mailings and single e-mails
  • Creation of e-mail marketing campaigns
Visual YouConnect™ E-mail Creation
  • Separation of layout and content (like a content management system)
  • Templates (to provide a standardized layout according to your corporate design)
  • Integrated HTML editor
  • Individualization of content, based on target groups using alternative and optional texts and pictures
  • Integration of attachments
  • Optional upload of pictures to the included web content server
  • Supported formats are text, HTML and inline HTML (offline HTML)
  • Preview to check layout of e-mails
  • Test mailing to special recipients
  • Sending of mailings optionally time-delayed
  • Fullview (display of personalized e-mail on website to bypass image blocking)
  • Management of permanently and temporarily undeliverable e-mail-addresses and filtering of auto responder mails and error messages (bounce management)
Visual YouConnect™ Reports and Statistics
  • Detailed real-time statistics with graphical output
  • Analysis of opening rate, click rate, unsubscriptions, bounces
  • Analysis of link clicks depending on mailings target groups, day and hour
  • Analysis of recipients depending on recipient status, mail type, domains and IP address
  • Analysis of most important key data over a time period: number of mailings, profiles, (un-)subscriptions, bounces, clicks
  • Comparison of multiple mailings based on key data - Export of statistics

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