Modernizing Modernizers:
A California Based Interdisciplinary Architecture and Research Firm

We’ve worked with PJHM Architects for many years, so it wasn’t a surprise to learn they wanted to update their online identity by modernizing it for responsiveness and making it slam in performance.  We knew that to achieve this was going to be a challenge to find the right balance of creative, UX, and heavy use of photography while still getting solid performance.  In fact, our stated goal from the onset was to achieve a Google PageSpeed score of 100.

fig.1 // website screenshots


Every project is its own unique snowflake, and this project was no different. We utilized many different technologies and methodologies to achieve results.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

User Experience Design (UX)

Content Management System (CMS)

Custom API Development

Photography & Videography

CSS 3D Animation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Google PageSpeed Optimization

“Visual Identity Group came in knowing PJHM needed an online refresh based on mobile and video oriented platforms, in order to ideally highlight our architectural focus.”
James Bucknam
Project + Design Manager

fig.2 // mobile screenshots & new color palette
fig.3 // laptop screenshot


Talented service based businesses like PJHM need more than compelling text and copy to tell their story - they need to tell it themselves. Video creates an enriching experience through which viewers can hear their passion and witness the dedication to their craft in a way that no other creative and messaging can.

fig.4 // custom video


The client wanted to use WordPress as the their content management system due to its rise in popularity and ease of use. Our biggest goal (and challenge) was to represent the brand that still showcased their award winning projects, while also getting excellent performance.

Using Roots.io we were able to achieve this as it gives greater development flexibility and customization with WordPress. Our goal was to achieve a Google PageSpeed Insights score of 100*, and we did it.


"VIG was consistently visionary yet flexible, data savvy, on tune with present and future trends, and provided an all around great energy throughout the process. Patient and accommodating to the specific needs of our industry, they come highly recommended."
James Bucknam, Project + Design Manager


PJHM Architects received industry recognition by winning several gold awards including the Ava Digital Awards & Davey Awards

We believe the PJHM website projects its brand persona throughout the user experience while showcasing their amazing portfolio. We’ve worked with them for many years, and look forward to many more.


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